Transferal of the Director of Finance and Board of Commissioners of PT DAHANA (Persero)


Taken place at The Ministry of State Owned Enterprise, Medan Merdeka Selatan Street, on Wednesday, February 9, 2012 there had been a new appointment of the Director of Finance and member of the Board of Commissioners of PT DAHANA (Persero). Susilo Hertanto who previously served as General Manager of Operational Division of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), is replacing the previous Finance Director F. Harry Sampurno, who has transferred as Director of PT IKI (Ltd).

As being spoken, one of the Board of Commissioners Dahana, Anjang Kusumah who has completed his term this year, was succeeded by Edward Nurdin whose previously had served at some of SOEs company in Indonesia, such as Antam Tbk., Jasa Tirta, Antara and PTPN IV. At the Ministry of SOE, Edward served as the Head of Development Partnership and Community Development.

Inauguration procession was conducted by Irnanda Laksanawan, as the Deputy for Strategic and Manufacturing Industry Business Affairs Ministry of SOEs, and was witnessed by the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners of PT Dahana.

Related to his new position in Dahana, Susilo Hertanto expressed that he feels very delighted to be in Dahana, and hoping that Dahana could be a much more developed company.

"Any company, whether in the field of blasting services or wherever it is, we should be able to perform customer focus or customer oriented, which is not only just focus on the external but also internal environment. Among employees and between the board of directors are a customer to another. The orientation is not only to customers but also to the business. If this can be done properly, in God’s willing Dahana will become a better company and more advanced. ", said the man who earned his Master Degree in America.

Meanwhile, Edward Nurdin who is replacing Anjang Kusumah, when asked about his main mission and vision in serving as the Board of Commissioners in Dahana, he committed to oversee the development of Dahana.

"Keep an eye on the future development of Dahana by not forgetting Dahana’s core business, so the next steps can be done appropriately to realize Dahana is in a better direction," he said.

The presence of Susilo and Edward are to be expected in strengthening Dahana as a strategic SOE who serves in explosives field of services and reinforces its identity as a company that always serve for the country.

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