Minister of Defense Restricts Permit of Explosive Enterprise


In order to maintain and control the distribution of explosives which are produced and procured (imported) by several explosive companies, Ministry of Defense performed restriction, namely through evaluation related with the permit of Explosive Enterprise.

One of the efforts that Ministry of Defense made is evaluating permit aspect against entire Explosive Enterprises such as production, procurement, storage, distribution, and blasting services. It is to respond the indication that there are several foreign companies utilizing permits of Explosive Enterprise to enter the national market.

”We also cooperate with some institutions such as BIN in order that to be synergetic that the explosive development can be collectively made for the interest of military and commercial purposes, which the authority functions to prevent the violation in the use and control of the explosive,” said Director General of Potency and Defence of the Ministry of Defense Pos M. Hutabarat in press conference at the Ministry of Defense, Jakarta Pusat, Tuesday (14/6).

Hutabarat explained that currently Ministry of Defense attempts to encourage that Explosive Enterprise may develop or build domestic industry for the fulfillment of the increasing explosive demand each year. “What we want to achieve is that most of the companies should have achieved the production level through 2014-2015,” uttered Hutabarat.

In this case Hutabarat added that PT Dahana, for instance. The company engaged in this explosive industry produced 90 thousand tons per year. “While the demand keeps increasing to 2014, it is estimated about 700 thousand tons,” he said.

According to Hutabarat, the required production average of the company ranges about 450 up to 500 thousand tons per year. Meanwhile the current production capacity ranges around 400-600 thousand tons. Then the imported one currently 390 thousand tons per year.

”So, we still need the imported products, however, the imported 40 thousand tons that the government desire actually can be produced in domestic. Therefore we strived that the company will immediately make investment in domestic development,” he said.

Meanwhile Director of Technology and Industry of the Ministry of Defense Agus Suyarso said that one ton of the imported explosive values 600 through 650 USD. “However, we have lots of ammoniac material in domestic, we only need explosive. Commonly these companies made import from Germany, Australia, and China,” Agus said.

There are nine companies which currently owned permits. Some of them amongst other things are PT. Dahana, PT. Pindat, PT. Multi Nitrotama Kimia, PT. Tridaya Esta, PT. Armindo Prima, PT. Trifita Perkasa, PT. Asa Karya Multi Pratama, PT. Aneka Gas Industri and PT. Mexis. "There are three State-Owned Enterprises, namely PT. Dahana, PT. Aneka Gas Industri, and PT. Pindat," added Hutabarat.(AIS, Liputan 6 - Tue, 14 June 2011)


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