F. Harry Sampurno Becomes the New Captain of PT DAHANA


Taking place at the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises Building, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan, on Tuesday, September 18, 2012, was the shift to a new line of Directors of PT. DAHANA (Persero).   F. Hari Sampurno, formerly serving as President Director of PT. Industri Kapal Indonesia Makassar, replaced the former President Director, Tanto Dirgantoro.

Other than the shift in the President Director position, several director posts experienced a change of position name. The Director of Human Resources & Administration, Epi Eriyana Padmadisastra, was succeeded by Susilo Hertanto, with the new position "Director of Finance & Human Resources".  Bambang Agung, formerly serving as General Manager  of  the  1st  General  Mining  Division,  was  promoted  to  become  the  Director  of  Technology  and Development.  Meanwhile, the Director of Operations position remains unchanged.  Here is the new line of Directors of PT. DAHANA:

President Director                                                             :  F. Harry Sampurno

Director of Technology & Development                      :  Bambang Agung S

Director of Finance & Human Resources                    :  Susilo Hertanto

Director of Operations                                                     :  Budi Antono

The inauguration procession was conducted by Dwijanti Tjahjaningsih, as Deputy for Strategic and Manufacturing Industrial Sector of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia, in the direct presence of the line of Directors and the Board of Commissioners of PT. Dahana.

For Harry Sampurno, he is no stranger to PT. DAHANA.  For two periods at Dahana, Harry served as Director of Finance & Business Development of PT. DAHANA.  In last February 2012, Harry was promoted to lead PT. Industri Kapal Indonesia Makassar. With his green fingers, for half a year of the leadership period at the Eastern Indonesian shipping company, much progress had been made.

PT Dahana itself had a fairly good performance in the last few years.  The State-Owned Enterprise engaged in the field of energetic materials successfully netted profits worth 46 billion Rupiah in 2011.

In terms of business development, Dahana continues to spread its operational wings in the Indonesian mining areas, not only exporting explosives abroad but also targeting operational partnership with Australian mining companies.

The finished construction of the Energetic Material Centre (EMC) with an area of 600 Ha in Subang, West Java, further increases Dahana's confidence to become the leading industry in the field of energetic materials.  This integrated area consists of the office complex, manufacturing plant, laboratory, workshop and the nursery zone. By promoting the green concept, Dahana Campus was awarded with a green certificate by the GBCI under the platinum designation for the new building that applies the green concept.



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