Dahana Prepares National Technology Awakening Day

In August, Indonesian people will commemorate the 70th anniversary of independence proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia. In the same month, the people of Indonesia will also commemorate a historic day of the nation’s development where in 1995 Indonesian people managed to build and fly their own plane named N150 ‘Gatot Kaca’.  More

An Eccentric Tree at Directors’ Building

‘Green’ - that is the spirit drawn from an explosive company of red and white (the flag of Indonesia); PT DAHANA (Persero). This is not just rhetoric; Green also becomes a concept of its office buildings.  More


The Neighboring Country Guests Fascinated by DAHANA

The Central Management Office (Kampus) of PT DAHANA (Persero) located in Sadawarna Village, Subang Regency, has always had visitors who would like to deeply learn about high energy materials or about green building. The visitors range from consumer guests, partners, research entities, students to lecturers, both from home and overseas.  More


When KJL 1 Participants Became Instructors

There was a unique scene in the Nonel Factory of PT DAHANA (Persero) when the participants of blasting administrators level 1 from the Education and Training Center of Mineral and Coal (Pusdiklat Minerba) visited Energetic Material Center on May 29, 2015.  More


Dahana Held Training for Cibaliung Gold Mine Workers

The General Mining Division 1 (DTU-1), one of the marketing and operational divisions in PT DAHANA (Persero) focusing on general mining sector, invited the gold mining workers of PT Cibaliung Sumber Daya (CSD) to Energetic Material Center (EMC) to take part in the event in house Training of Dabex For Underground.  More

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